Sample Property Management Agreement

Sample Property Management Agreement

Our standard property management agreement lists the monthly management fee at 8%. Our team is available every day of the year, including holidays and weekends, to make sure your Las Vegas rental property is well cared for. In addition, we have a strong commitment to technology. From a completely digital application process to online payments, online service requests, and appointment scheduling by text, renting with us is as simple as a click of a button.

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Who Selects The Tenant? The short answer to this question is we select the tenant. Management companies are governed by Federal and State Fair Housing Laws. For this reason, we have strict guidelines in the processes we use to select tenants and what we do with the information that we collect. Listed in the property management agreement we have established criteria we use to select tenants. Some of the primary factors are: credit score and history, criminal records, past rental history, and proof of income.  

What Does the Management Fee Include? Our property management agreement includes: showing of property, tenant screening, executing leases, lease renewals, collecting rents, scheduling of interior/exterior property inspections with a 3rd party vendor, distribution of rents (including payments to vendors of any maintenance costs), coordinating move-in/move-out processes, facilitating tenant communication and owner communication, monthly financial statements, and initiation of the eviction process with a 3rd party vendor (not to include costs related to filing fees, posting fees, legal, and court costs).

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Sound the alarm! Carbon Monoxide detectors & Rentals

Although Nevada law requires carbon monoxide alarms in newly constructed homes and does not require the retrofitting of detectors in older homes, it’s still a good idea to encourage the landlord/owner to install one. Providing a safe unit is one of the most important qualities of a great landlord.

As a property manager, by staying on top of property maintenance and informing the landlord of simple and affordable safety measures, we are also ensuring the safety of the tenants, which is one of the most important qualities of a great property manager.

 Many local fire departments offer free services which may include carbon monoxide assessments, proper installations and/or instructions on installations and/or home safety kits. For convenience, we provide the statewide contact information for our fire departments:

Further, if the unit is prone to carbon monoxide because it features fuel-burning appliances or attached garages, an Owner should appreciate suggestions for improvements that could protect them from legal liability.

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Owner FAQs

Our Owner FAQ section was designed to help navigate some of the questions that come up in property management.

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