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Scoring Card | Application Requirements

Download Rice Real Estate's Scoring Card. We’re often asked what we look at, and how we evaluate the data we collect to arrive at a decision whether or not to rent to a prospective tenant. In managing single family homes in Las Vegas & … [Read More...]

Q + A for New Owners

Rice Real Estate has never had to evict a Tenant we placed into a managed rental property. Our monthly management fee is 8%. How are applicants screened? Our strongest work must take place with the screening process. Securing great tenants is in … [Read More...]

Tenant Handbook

Think of this home as your own. During the term of this lease, you are in possession of the dwelling and yard and this Tenant Handbook can assist. Your obligations are similar to those of the property owner, and you are expected to care for and … [Read More...]

Las Vegas Property Management Rates & Fees

Fees for Residential Las Vegas Property Management Services average 8% of the gross monthly rent collected. In addition, a $350 leasing fee is common along with a $300-500 MLS referral fee. The Las Vegas market is competitive for property … [Read More...]

Apply Online

If applying online click here and then submit your supporting documentation (3) ways: Upload: option available during online application process. In Person: Monday through Friday 8:00am – 5:00pm: 8275 S. Eastern Ave #200 … [Read More...]


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Learn why people trust us with their homes…

Review from: Robert Harraka, California Real Estate Broker and Property Manager

I am a California Real Estate Broker and have run a medium size property management business of my own for 25 years.  Heidi is a very thorough, professional, and responsive property manager.   Her financial reporting is timely each month, along with copies of all receipts & full accounting — completely transparent.   She has […]

Review from: Denny Reed, 4 year resident of a Rice Real Estate managed property

I work in Property Management for a living, and I’m very mindful of customer services skills. I’m constantly looking for ways to give excellent quality service to the people I meet every day. I can honestly tell you that Rice Real Estate and Property Management Company, and in specific Heidi Rice is one of the […]

Review from: Allison J., Washington D.C. Client of Rice Real Estate

Finally writing a long overdue review.  We owned a home in Henderson that Heidi managed for almost 2 years.  We live on the East coast and the house needed a little work to get it ready to rent and Heidi and her team took care of everything from carpet to paint to landscaping using her […]