Hire a Great Property Management Company in 2023

Hire a Great Property Management Company in 2023

It’s easy to manage your own investment property, right? Why would you hire a property management company? Sometimes the decision to hire a property manager is based around cost. But what if I told you *not* hiring a property manager may cost you more in the long-term? 

Online Resident Center & mobile app

Millennials are tech-savvy but Gen Z are digital natives. When Millennials and Gen Z review properties, they’re likely to lean toward those that have technology woven into the threads of the leasing experience and how the home is managed.

With an online Resident Center, Applicant Center and Resident App we are abolishing antiquated leasing approaches and make renting easy. and mobile. Pay rent, request repairs, add a pet, submit move-out notice, download mobile app and more! We’re here to take care of Residents 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

When renting from a property management company, Residents can submit maintenance requests and upload photos directly from their phone or tablet on our resident app. Residents can see when an item’s been assigned to a staff member or vendor, and view status updates until the item is completed 


Residents can download the Resident Center app to pay rent and submit maintenance requests quickly and easily.

Pet Screening

We incorporate pet screening into our application and lease renewal processes to ensure accurate documentation of pets and animals. Thank you PetScreening us the #proptech tools needed to implement smart pet policies and become more pet-inclusive.

Don’t let cuteness fool you. Fraudulent Assistance Animal applications have increased 350% this year—and the latest techniques will surprise you. Ready for the experts to handle your screening responsibilities?

The Assistance Animal Review Team is managed by a legal team. They review each and every request for assistance animals to ensure they meet the HUD & FHAct guidelines.

fraudulent ESA animals

#PropTech & Your Property Management Company

When hiring a property management company most Owners never ask these two questions and they are two of the most important ones to ask:

  1. What property management software do you use? Buildium
  2. What process software do you use? LeadSimple

Buildium is the gold standard for property management procedure software and LeadSimple is the gold standard for property management process software.

Process software allows a PM to document, automate and work all operational processes including marketing a rental, Tenant move-in, Tenant move-out, Lease Renewals and more.

Procedure software allows a Property Manager to approve lease applications, resolve maintenance issues, handle payments and update financials, from wherever you are.

LeadSimple logo and Buildium logo with a lock for integration

Professional Marketing

Properties marketed with professional photography gain more exposure and views. You have only a couple of seconds to grab a potential buyer’s attention. Don’t miss that opportunity.

Professional advertising photos help rent houses faster than the competition. With a slowing rental market capturing every rental lead is essential. All of our rental listings are marketed with YouTube self-showing narrated video tours, professional advertising photos and a Zillow 3D tours

2022 modern interior kitchen Henderson Nevada

Online Application Process

With an online Application Center prospective renters can submit a rental application, view homes for rent, review rental home criteria, upload additional documents, review a sample lease, complete a pet affidavit, contact us and more!

With SmartMove by TransUnion we obtain credit checks you can trust, designed specifically for tenant screening. SmartMove tenant credit checks use ResidentScore to predict rental eviction risk 15% better* than traditional credit scores, helping Owners make a more confident rental decision.

We also have access to over 370 million criminal records from state and national databases and one of the largest evictions databases subject to the FCRA with 16+ million eviction records, covering all 50 states plus Washington D.C.

renters around a computer paying rent online

Resident Benefits Package

Leasing from a property management company offers tenants many more benefits.  A Resident Benefits Package delivers convenient and professional services designed to save Residents time and money and make their life easier in their new home.

A sample Resident Benefit Package includes the following, subject to property mechanicals or other limitations:

  • Credit Reporting of  rent payments – Improve your credit score by paying on time, even though you’re renting!
  • AC Filters: Changing filters is now as easy as opening the front door as HVAC air filters can be delivered to the front door approximately every 60/days. This service helps Tenants save up to $250 per year on energy costs, improves your indoor air quality, and reduces the hassles and liability of repairs.
  • Utility Concierge Service: One call to set up general utility services, cable, and internet services – all at the best price available.
  • Resident Rewards Program: Tenants can earn rewards for just enrolling and paying rent on time; enjoy gift cards, special discounts, and savings on everyday expenses!
  • 24/7 Online Maintenance Request Tracking: Reporting those pesky maintenance issues anytime from your computer, tablet, or phone.
  • Easy Online Access to your account, documents, and communication resources through our convenient online portal.
  • Multiple Rent Payment Options: Pay rent with your bank account (EFT) and enroll in auto-pay! or pay by mailed check or deliver to our office in person.
  • Vetted Vendor Network: We vet our trusted vendors and technicians, and you can feel comfortable knowing they are reputable.
  • Periodic Preventive Maintenance Walkthroughs to ensure a Resident experience is comfortable and that the home is kept in tip-top condition.
  • NSF or Late Fee Waiver: We understand that life happens sometimes! So we will grant you a one-time waiver of either a Late Fee or NSF Fee during your lease term.

Enjoy life again...hire a property management company in 2023!

woman enjoying the view of the ocean with umbrella cocktail drinks because she hired a property management company

We know your time should be spent enjoying life rather than self-managing an investment property on your own. Hire a property manager!

Note: We advise against selecting a property manager simply based on a management fee percentage. There is a lot more that goes into high quality, personalized property management. I offer a much higher level of property management services than most Las Vegas property management companies.

The upfront 1-2% savings in a management fee could cost you much more in repairs and poor tenant selection damages.

Founded in 2010, Rice Real Estate is Las Vegas’ premier investment focused property management company. Our team has crafted a culture designed around modern technology, full transparency, and reliable communication for both Owners and Tenants. Our policies & procedures allow us to nurture resident relations to keep long-term Tenants.