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How to Apply for a Rental

HOW TO APPLY: Click the "Download Rental Application" icon to download and print a PDF version of the rental application. Return your completed rental application Monday through Friday 8:00am – 5:00pm to 8275 S. Eastern Ave #200 Las Vegas, NV 89123 … [Read More...]

Scoring Card | Tenant Screening

Download Rice Real Estate's Scoring Card.We’re often asked what we look at, and how we evaluate the data we collect to arrive at a decision whether or not to rent to a prospective tenant. In managing single family homes in Las Vegas & … [Read More...]

Q + A for Owners

Here are the most common questions property Owners ask when inquiring about our Residential Las Vegas Property Management Services. How do you screen applicants?  Our strongest work must take place with the screening process. Securing great … [Read More...]

Download Property Management Agreement

Download a Sample Property Management Agreement here. WHO SELECTS THE TENANT? Management companies are governed by Federal and State Fair Housing Laws. For this reason, we have strict guidelines in the processes we use to select tenants and what … [Read More...]

Tenant Handbook

This Tenant Handbook was created to assist Tenants with their rental property.  The booklet includes maintenance guidelines, rental payment instructions, general information, Tenant responsibilities, and more. During the term of the lease the … [Read More...]

Tenant Damage versus Normal Wear and Tear

Tenant Damage versus Normal Wear and Tear can be confusing for many. Normal wear and tear is essentially the deterioration of an item that occurs under normal conditions. Tenant damage usually requires more extensive repair, and at a greater cost … [Read More...]

Las Vegas Property Management Rates & Fees

Fees for Residential Las Vegas Property Management Services average 8% of the gross monthly rent collected. To secure a contract closer to 6% an investor needs to own multiple properties (typically a minimum of 10 or more).For 8% a month, Rice … [Read More...]

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